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Intercollegiate athletics in Californias community colleges has a history and tradition unlike anywhere else in the United States. Great athletes like Flo Hyman, Jackie Robinson, Valerie Brisco-Hooks, Joe Morgan, Pat McCormick, Warren Moon and Debbie Meyer all started at California community colleges. So did legendary coaches such as footballs Bill Walsh, John Madden and Joe Gibbs, basketballs Lute Olsen and Jerry Tarkanian, baseballs John McNamara and track and fields Tom Tellez and Jim Bush. Even the late NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle was a California Community College alumnus. 

With a history of producing such enormous talent, Californias community colleges have a tradition unmatched anywhere in college athletics. 

The CCCAA annually honors a select few former student-athletes, coaches and administrators with induction into the California Community College Sports Hall of Fame. The Sports Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed in California community college athletics. Founded in 1984, the Sports Hall of Fame has sought to recognize those who have made the most of their experiences as California community college student-athletes, coaches and administrators, maximizing their own potential and bettering themselves and those with whom they come into contact. 

The value of community college education and intercollegiate athletics for hundreds of thousands of student-athletes over the years is best exemplified by the accomplishments of a select few who have used their community college experience as a stepping stone to greatness.