Mt. San Antonio hosted duals tournament

Mt. San Antonio hosted a duals tournament over the weekend
Mt. San Antonio hosted a duals tournament over the weekend

Seven schools attended the Mt. San Antonio Duals Tournament on Saturday, with two teams from Northern California going unbeaten on the day. With the even split up into two pools, Sierra College went 3-0 in Pool A and crossed over to Pool B to pick up a win and went 4-0 on the day. Modesto Junior College, who was in Pool B, defeated all three of their opponents and went 3-0.

Pool A Results (1st Place - Sierra; 2nd Place - Palomar; 3rd Place - Mt. San Antonio (White); 4th Place - Rio Hondo)

Round 1
Rio Hondo def. Palomar, 30-24
Sierra def. Mt. San Antonio (White), 30-22

Round 2
Mt. San Antonio (White) def. Rio Hondo, 30-22
Sierra def. Palomar, 36-24

Round 3
Palomar def. Mt. San Antonio (White), 30-25
Sierra def. Rio Hondo, 36-24

Round 4 (Crossover Match)
Rio Hondo def. Santa Ana, 21-18

Pool B Results (1st Place - Modesto; 2nd Place - Mt. San Antonio (Maroon); 3rd Place - East Los Angeles; 4th Place - Santa Ana

Round 1
Mt. San Antonio (Maroon) def. East Los Angeles, 27-18
Modesto def. Santa Ana, 45-3

Round 2
Mt. San Antonio (Maroon) def. Santa Ana, 48-10
Modesto def. East Los Angeles, 39-18

Round 3
Modesto def. Mt. San Antonio (Maroon), 28-12
East Los Angeles def. Santa Ana, 44-5

Round 4 (Crossover Match)
Mt. San Antonio (Maroon) def. Palomar, 39-16
Sierra def. East Los Angeles, 27-24


Sierra - 4-0
Modesto - 3-0
Mt. San Antonio (combined) - 4-3
Rio Hondo 2-2
East Los Angeles - 1-3
Palomar - 1-3
Santa Ana - 0-4